Structure of Studies

The academic year begins on the 1st of September of each year and ends on the 31st of August of the following year. The teaching work of each academic year is structured in two semesters, the winter and the spring one. Each semester includes at least thirteen (13) full weeks of teaching and two (2) weeks for exams. The winter semester begins in the second fortnight of September and the spring semester ends in the second fortnight of June. In special cases in which the minimum number of teaching weeks is not completed, courses may be continued in January or June by a decision of the Department.

At least eight (8) semesters of study are required for graduation. The examination periods are three: one during January-February, one in June and finally one in September. In case –for any reason– some courses are not held, they are going to be carried out during the last week of the semester. If –for any reason– a course is not held for 13 weeks, it is considered that the corresponding course has not been taught.

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