Student associations

The School of Early Childhood Education has its own student union, producing periodically a student journal and organising various cultural and social events throughout the year. Elected members of the student union participate in the General Assembly, voting for different departmental issues.

contact info: tel. 23850-55122

Students’ Pass for special ticket price

Each student is given the special Ticket Pass, valid for the whole year (1 September – 31 August).

From the academic year 2011-2012, the distribution method and the criteria for determining the beneficiaries of the Special Ticket are defined by the Electronic Ticket Service of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.

In the case of loss of the Student Pass you should contact the Secretariat of the Department, presenting the relevant statement of loss / theft by the police and requesting the reissue of the card. Following the adoption of a reissue by the Secretariat, the PASS acquisition process is repeated from the beginning.

The discount granted to students is (Ministry Act 99 / 22-08-90):

urban transport of the city where the Department is located, as well as the urban transport of the rest of the country 25%.

on long-distance road services linking the headquarters of the Department with the place of permanent residence, as well as on the country’s long distance transports of 25%.

group trips (at least 15 people) with Olympic Airways within 25% of the excursion fare.

rail services across the country 50%.

The CEO is submitted to the Secretariat of the Department with the student’s oath

Accommodation – Meal

These are the main alternatives for short or long term accommodation:

University Dormitory

To obtain a place at free student housing for either Fall or Spring Term. You should complete and send the accommodation form until end of May of the previous year. This is because there are limited places at the University Dormitory.

The hotels provide the students with blankets and bed linen and they are the best and possibly the only solution (for the time being) for students visiting for a time period shorter than a full academic year or a semester.  Students will have access to the student refectory twice daily free of charge and this will probably compensate the cost of living in a hotel.

Private Flats

There are private flats, rented by the owners directly to the students. Flats rented by separate rooms are uncommon, therefore, the rent must be paid in total to the owner (approximately 200 euros per month, even less for a small studio). The electricity, water and telephone expenses are not included in the rent and will have to be paid separately to the owner. There are flats that are offered fully furnished, semi-furnished or not furnished at all. This might be a solution for students staying for a whole academic year or at least for six months.

Students with dependents

The majority of property available to accommodation services is for single people only. Students seeking accommodation for dependents, such as spouse and children, should ensure that this is mentioned in detail in the accommodation form. Do not attempt to bring dependents to Florina without first securing accommodation. Due to the limited availability of family accommodation, this process may prove time consuming and very difficult.

Students with special needs

Students with special needs are required to submit details of any information which may affect the type of accommodation suited to their particular needs together with the application for help in finding accommodation.


Breakfast and free meals twice daily, including weekends at the dining hall of the university. Alternatively, Florina has many cafeterias and restaurants, where students may have snacks (approximately 3 euros) or lunches/dinners, if they wish, in reasonable prices (approximately 4-10 euros).

Many students of the Departments of Florina are entitled to free daily meals. They will be selected based on income and social criteria, which only apply to undergraduate students. Beneficiaries will be provided a special card for free meals at the dining hall of the university. For those with no free meals privileges, each meal cost 2,50€.

Student Care (Feeding – Housing)

From the academic year 2011-2012 (based on the relevant feeding contest for students in Florina), 500 students of the Departments of Florina are entitled to free daily meals. Their choice will be based on income, social criteria, and will only apply to undergraduate students. Beneficiaries will be given a food card. Students who do not have the right to free food will be paid a fee of 2,30 € for each meal or dinner.

Those students who wish to be free of charge for the academic year 2011-2012 and who are already studying at the Pedagogical Department of Kindergarten should submit obligatory documents to the Secretariat of the Department until September 15, 2011 according to the relevant announcement

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