The Department

The Department of Primary Education-Florina

Establishment and mission

According to article 2 of P.D. 544/1989, article 5 of P.D. 99/1993 and in the context of the mission of the University (article 1 of Law 1268/1982), the mission of the Department of Primary Education is: – To develop and promote the Sciences of Education with academic and applied teaching and research. – To provide its graduates with the necessary theoretical and applied training for their scientific and professional career and development. – To contribute to the raising of the level of education and to meet pedagogical needs – To contribute to the confrontation and solution of pedagogical issues – To address the need for continuing and lifelong education. The Department grants a degree, which provides its holder with the opportunity to be appointed as an educator in Primary Schools. The electronic address of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Western Macedonia is:

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