Assistant Professors

Giaouri Stergiani
School Psychology
Scientific and research interests: School and Educational Psychology, School Counseling, Systemic and Family Psychotherapy Education, Psychology and Psychology Education
tel. 2385055110, e-mail:

Kasvikis Konstantinos
History and Culture Education
Scientific and research interests: Teaching History, Museum pedagogy, Archaeological education, Public Archeology and Policies of the Past.
tel. +30 23850 55026, e-mail:

Palaigeorgiou Georgios
Information and Communication Technologies in Education
Scientific and research interests: Student-computer interaction, Web 2.0, ubiquitous computing, teaching methodologies utilizing Web 2.0, participtory design in computers, attitudes towards computers, ethics and computing.
tel. 2385055083, e-mail:

Retali Anna Karolina
Research Methodology in Educational Sciences
Scientific and research interests: Design and conduct of research in Educational Sciences, Analysis of data in Educational Sciences, International Studies, International students
tel. 2385055169, e-mail:

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