Student Discount Card

Each student is given the Student Discount Card  (Students’ Pass), which is valid for the whole year (September 1st  – August 31st ).

From the academic year 2011-2012, the method of distribution and the criteria for determining the beneficiaries of the Special Discount Card (Students’ Pass) are defined by the Electronic Service for Obtaining a Student Discount Card of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

In case of Student Discount Card loss, you should contact the Department Secretariat, submitting the relevant statement of loss / theft from the police and requesting the re-issuance of the card. Following the re-issuance approval by the Secretariat, the Students’ Pass acquisition process is repeated from the beginning.

Student are offered discount on (Ministerial Act 99/22-08-90):

  • in the urban transport of the city where the Department is based, as well as in the urban transport of the rest of the country (25%).
  • in the interurban transport that connects the headquarters of the Department with the place of their permanent residence, as well as in the interurban transport of the country (25%).
  • in group (at least 15 people) travel with Olympic Airways in the country (25% of the fare).
  • Railway services all over the country (50%).

Student Discount Card is submitted to the Secretariat upon graduation.

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