Adjunct Academic Staff

Adjunct Academic Staff is hired after open call for the teaching of the following courses:

Winter Semester

1.English language

2.Teaching of Environmental Studies

3.Teaching of Music

4.Educational Robotics

5.Application of programs for sustainability

6.Educational software

7.Designing and developing educational software

8.Organization, management and evaluation in education

9.School climate andschool culture

10.School Pedagogy: Theory of the school

11.Applications of programs for sustainability

12.Design, implementation and evaluation of educational activities in technical science places

13. Intercultural education

14.Sociology of education

Spring Semester

1.English language

2.Development of teaching scenarios for STEAM with the use of educational robotics

3.Development of digital teaching material

4.Teaching of Environmental Studies

5.Teaching of Music

6.Diffuse interfaces in school

7.Organizational behavior in educational organizations

8.Philosophy of education

9. Micro-teaching and training

10. Environmental education – education for sustainability

11. The concepts of physics and their representations

12. Open exploratory learning environments in sciences

13. Economics of education

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