Course Registration

At the beginning of the semester and within a period of two weeks, students submit to the Secretariat of the Department a registration form, which contains the courses of the Program of Studies that they decided to attend during the specific semester. The registration form is given to students by the Secretariat. In each application, students may register for maximum three (3) courses, which they failed in the previous years. Exceptionally, students, who have been admitted with advanced entrance exams, can register for up to four (4) courses of previous years. When applying for the courses, mainly for the Required Elective ones, students must take into account whether the participation in the specific course requires the attendance of specific Compulsory courses. In addition, they should take into account the timetable, so that the teaching hours of the courses they intend to choose do not coincide. Student have the right to receive the relevant textbooks free of charge and to be examined only for the courses they registered during the specific semester. Students are not entitled to be examined in a course which they have not included in the registration form they submitted at the beginning of each semester. Students who have completed the eight compulsory semesters of study can be examined in any examination, regardless of the semester (winter or spring) in which the course is taught. In this case, they must submit a statement at the beginning of the semester.

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