Qualifications Awarded from the Department of Primary Education


The Department of Primary Education honours a 4-year Bachelors’ Degree in Educational Studies, constituting graduates able to pursue appointment in Primary Schools.

Specialization Certificate

The Department of Primary Education also provides ‘Certificate of Specialization’ to an academic field, to students who have successfully attended at least one Required Elective Course or an Elective Course to the particular academic field, and they also have successfully accomplished their Bachelor Thesis to the same academic field. The academic field is defined by the academic field of the tutor of the courses that have been selected by the student under the above described conditions. The ‘Certification of Specialization’ is provided by the Secretary of the Department and it is signed by the Head of the Department.

Postgraduate Studies

Graduates of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Western Macedonia (UOWM)have the opportunity to continue their studies at postgraduate level, with the aim of obtaining:

Postgraduate Diploma (Master’s Degree) in one of the following fields offered by the Postgraduate Program of the relevant Department:

  1. Master’s Degree (Educational Studies and New Technologies) in the fields of
    1. School Pedagogy and New Technologies (120 ECTS) with the following specializations
      1. Modern teaching approaches
      2. Teachers’ education / Educational Policy
    2. Humanities and New Technologies (120 ECTS), with the following specializations
      1. Language
      2. History
      3. Culture
    3. Sciences and New Technologies (120 ECTS)
      1. Teaching of Mathematics
      2. Science Education

Department of Primary Education also runs or participates to the following Master Programs:

  1. Education Sciences : History, Teaching History, Education Policy (90 ECTS)
  2. Education Sciences: Management and Administration in Education – Educational Leadership (90 ECTS)
  3. Educational Sciences: Science, Environment and Technology in Education (90 ECTS). It is anInterdepartmental program with the Department of Early Childhood Education – UOWM.
  4. Educational Sciences: Mathematics Education (90 ECTS). It is an Interuniversity and Interdepartmental Master Program among DPE-UOWM, Department of Educational and Social Policy – University of Macedonia, School of Early Childhood Education – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and DPE – Democretious University of Thrace.
  5. Education sciences: Teacher education in innovative approaches to teaching and learning (60 ECTS)

Ph.D. Degree, if they have completed the first cycle of the Postgraduate Program or have a postgraduate degree with field specialization.

They can also apply for postgraduate studies at another University in the country or abroad.

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