Akritopoulos Alexandros
Greek Literature with Emphasis in Children’s Literature
Scientific and research interests: Greek Literature (children, teenagers, adults).Greek language.Poetics and rhetoric of literary texts and genres, and their teaching in education.Creative writing.
tel. +30 23850 55017, e-mail:

Andreou Andreas
History and Culture in Education
Scientific and research interests: Ancient and Byzantine History.History and Ancient Greek Art.History and School History.Local History-Research and its teaching.School History Textbooks.Museum Education
tel. +30 23850 55009-10, e-mail:

Griva Eleni
Applied Linguistics, Bilingualism and teaching a second/ foreign language
Scientific and research interests: Modern teaching methods of the second/ foreign language, Teaching Greek as a second/ foreign language Bilingualism, Bilingual development, , Language Learning Strategies and Intercultural Communication strategies, Evaluation and assessment in language learning
tel. 2385055025, e-mail:

Iliadou-Tahou Sophia
New Hellenic History and History of Education
Scientific and research interests: History of the education of the modern Greek State and the education of the unredeemed Hellenism and the Hellenism of the Diaspora, educational policy of the modern Greek state, teacher training, Balkan education, local historyresearch.
tel. +30 23850 55013, e-mail:

Iordanidis Georgios
Organization and Management of Education
Scientific and research interests: Organization and management of education, organization and operation of school units, management of a school unit, educational evaluation with emphasis on teaching staff evaluation, education and economic development, school climate.
tel.2385055062, e-mail:

Lemonidis Charalampos
Teaching Mathematics
Scientific and research interests: Teaching and learning the first mathematical concepts in primary school.Teacher training.Use of new technologies in teaching mathematics.Teaching geometry.
tel. +30 23850 55021, e-mail:

Nikolantonakis Konstantinos
Mathematics in Primary Education
Scientific and research interests: Teaching arithmetic and geometry.A historical approach in the teaching of Mathematics.A historical approach in the teaching of Science and Technology.Education of Mathematics.Teacher training.
tel.2385055066, e-mail:

Pnevmatikos Dimitrios
Developmental Psychology
Scientific and research interests: The development of the child and the adolescent.Issues of application of psychology in education.Executive functions.The conceptual change.Moral and Emotional development.Motivation in education.
tel. + 30 23850 55035, e-mail:

Spyrtou Anna
Physics and its Teaching
Scientific and research interests: Physics, Teaching of Physics, Teaching Design, Educational Knowledge of Content in Sciences.
tel.2385055041, e-mail:

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