Bachelor thesis

Students have the opportunity to prepare a bachelor thesis under the supervision and guidance of members of the Teaching and Research Staff (faculty members) of the Department according to the following procedure:

  1. During the month December of each academic year, the teachers propose the topics or the thematic areas that they offer for the elaboration of bachelor theses by students of the Department of Primary Education during the next academic year. Each instructor may not undertake more than five dissertations per year.
  2. During the month January of the same academic year, the General Assembly approves and announces the topics or the thematic areas of the theses that will be offered during the next academic year. Interested students (who are already in the 6th semester of their studies) after consultation with the professors choose the topic or the thematic area for their theses, as defined by them, and in May they submit a relevant application to the Secretariat of the Department.
  3. During June of the same academic year, the General Assembly of the Department approves the final formulation of the issues and appoints a second grader. Thesis can in no case be assigned beyond the time limit of the General Assembly carried out in June. After the completion of the above process, during spring (8th) semester students correspond their thesis with two Free Elective courses. The thesis is submitted being typed in three copies, one of which is submitted to the School Library together with the digital form of the thesis by May 20thof each year, in order to be evaluated during the June exam period. In case of thesis submitting after this date and until September 15th, the thesis grade will be announced within the exam period of September.

The thesis is graded in terms of its progress according to the schedule of the 7th semester by the supervising professor and the grade is submitted at the Secretariat. This grade is independent of the grade that the final thesis will be evaluated with at the end of the 8th semester. At the end of the 8th semester, the thesis is graded by the supervisor and by the second evaluation member and then the average mark is calculated, which is rounded to the nearest integer.

For details on thesis structure and requirements, student should consult the Brief Guide for writing a research paper. The thesis is credited with nine credits (9 credits) or twelve (12) ECTS credits, which correspond to 3  Elective courses (from the 8th semester) and are included for obtaining the degree.

The thesis together with Elective courses may not exceed a total of twenty-four ECTS credits (24 ECTS).

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