Students’ Association

The purpose of the Association is the gathering and organization of the students of the Department for examining and solving their problems as well as achieving the goals of the Association, in the light of free democratic dialogue and free circulation, formation and confrontation of ideas.

For the academic year 2020-2021, the board of the Students’ Association consists of:

President: Kazantzidis Christos Antonios
Vice President: Papadimitriou Dimitris
Secretary (a): Missiou Sophia
Cashier: Despotoulis Leonidas
Vice President (b): Papadopoulou Evgenia
Secretary (b): Psimenos Charilaos
Member: Rizos Nikos

Administrator of the website of Students’ Administration of the Department of Primary Education: Kazantzidis Christos Antonios

Telephone number: 2385055063


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