Students’ performance evaluation is mainly based on the final exam after the end of the semester. The examination can be – at the discretion of the academic teacher – written or oral. Performance evaluation can be based on written work or on laboratory, tutoring or practical exercises. The academic teacher is entitled to exempt students from the final exam, provided that there has been sufficient sequential testing during the semester and on condition that the smooth operation of the Program of Studies is not disturbed. Students are entitled to be examined for the courses of both semesters, winter and spring during the examination period of September, while in the examination periods of January – February and June only for the courses of the respective semester. In case of failing a compulsory course in both examination periods (at the end of the semester and in the September examination period), students must register the course and attend it again in the next semester, in order to regain the right to participate in the specific exams. In case of failing a Required Elective course, students are obliged to repeat it in the next semester. If, however the course is not offered, then it can be replaced with a course of the same category. In case of failing an Elective course, students can replace it with any other one available. The number of Compulsory and Required Elective courses that could be repeated in each semester is maximum three (3). There is an exception for students who have entered the Department with advanced entrance exams, who can repeat up to four (4) courses in each semester.

Laboratory or a practicum for a semester course are secured and are not repeated, as long as the attendance has been characterized sufficient. If the student fails a course’s examination for at least four times, the General Assembly of the Department may, at student’s request, appoint a three-member re-evaluation committee in which the examiner must participate. The examination schedule for January-February is announced before Christmas break, the examination schedule for June period before the end of the semester while for the September period during the June examination period.

In case students do not graduate six years after their registration in the Department, they are automatically deleted. When there are serious reasons for attendance inability, students have the right to request studies suspension. The time of studies suspension is not included in the time of these six years.

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