Associate Professors

Kamaroudis Stavros
Modern Greek Language and its Teaching
Scientific and research interests: Greek as a mother tongue, second and foreign language. Multilingualism and multiculturalism.Francophonie.
tel. +30 23850 55025, e-mail:

Sakellariou Angeliki
Applied linguistics in education
Scientific and research interests: Language teaching, grammar, vocabulary, textbooks, critical literacy, electronic text bodies. Also, in general, the investigation of the way in which the findings of the theoretical study of language can be related to its teaching.
Tel. 23850 – 55012, e-mail:

Thoidis Ioannis
Social Pedagogy
Scientific and research interests: Leisure, Childhood, Lifelong learning, All-day school, Community education.
tel. +30 23850 55033, e-mail:

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